Additional Services


Today, homeowners are so busy and may not realize that the biggest potential fire hazard in their home is a lint-filled dryer vent. Have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected yearly to insure things are working at peek efficiency for drying your clothes. Make this a part of your annual tune-up with Clearly Now!

Disclaimer: Dryer vent cleaning improves drying times and reduces the chance of dryer fires. A dirty dryer vent is only one of several factors that contributes to a hazardous situation. (Other factors may include: lint inside dryer, clogged or missing lint screen, and defective thermostat and limit switches.) We cannot make any claim that dryer vent cleaning by itself will prevent dryer fires.


Annual cleaning of your gutters is a very important part of maintaining the integrity of your largest investment.. Lack of gutter cleaning on an annual basis can result in ice dams. Such dams pose the threat of significant water damage to your home's interior walls, ceilings, basements, and property erosion! Have Clearly Now clean and inspect them every year!

Disclaimer: Gutter and downspout cleaning improves the water flow and reduces the chance of ice dams. A gutter filled with debris is only one of several factors that can lead to an ice dam situation. (Other factors may include: roof pitch, shingle installation, and installation of gutter and downspouts.) We cannot make any claim that gutter cleaning by itself will prevent ice dams.


Skylight Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning, Ceiling Fan Cleaning, High Dusting, Mirror Cleaning, Hard Water Stain Removal.

Note: If we find that you have some windows that have hard water stains, we will then advise you of that pricing before any work is performed. Hard water stain removal is an additional cost to window cleaning!