Pure Water Window Cleaning!.....What is it?

I'm glad you asked! To be able to clean windows with pure water you need to first understand a water droplet and how it drys. Beleive it or not a water droplet drys in a circle throgh evaporation and with the help of the sun it will dry faster on the glass. Does it have to be a sunny day? -NO. FIRST a water droplet needs to be pure - meaning it can not contain minerals of any kind above 10 TDS (total disolved solids) below 10 and its considered spot free window cleaning. Above 10, and it can leave a spot when it drys, so 10 is the magic threshold number that we use to gage in the pure water window cleaning industry.

How do we get Pure Water? We have invested in a pure water cart that has a 4 stage purification process. We hook to your outside tap water, and then it goes through a sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane, then lastly DI resin. Now were ready to clean  YOUR windows properly!

How do we clean your windows? GOOD QUESTION! We use an ultra light carbon fiber pole with a brush at the end. Each home we do, we first examine your level of dirt and decide which brush is best to aggitate your dirt, sap, and bugs into pure the water solution and rinse it all away.  This method with someone professionaly trained not only cleans your glass, it also cleans your window frames. Compare this entire process to bringing your exterior windows to the car wash and paying to have a spot free rinse :)